What’s Changing in the QIE Blockchain Ecosystem?

As we embark on a new chapter in the QIE Blockchain journey, embracing a more sustainable, efficient, and user-centric approach, we want to ensure that our community is fully informed about the significant enhancements that are coming. Here's what you need to know about the transition from our current Proof of Work (PoW) system to the innovative Proof of Stake (PoS) model:

1. Introduction of a New PoS-based Blockchain

  • The New Infrastructure: We are excited to announce the development of a new

    blockchain infrastructure based on the PoS consensus mechanism. This advanced framework promises not only improved energy efficiency but also heightened transaction speed and reliability.

  • Innovative Features: The new chain will incorporate cutting-edge features designed to enhance user experience and expand the functionality of QIE, our native cryptocurrency.

    2. Seamless Migration of Assets

  • Comprehensive Transfer: All existing assets on the QIE Blockchain, including QIE

    holdings, qidex, staking contracts, and NFTs, will be seamlessly migrated to the new

    PoS-based blockchain.

  • No Action Required for Users: Holders of QIE and other assets will not need to take any

    action; the migration process will be automatic and secure, ensuring a smooth transition for all community members.

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