QI Blockchain

Transition to PoS: A New Era of Scalability and Sustainability

QI Blockchain, renowned for its innovative approach in the digital currency world, embarks on a transformative journey from PoW to PoS. This shift aligns with our commitment to ecological responsibility, scalability, and enhanced security, marking a new chapter in our quest to redefine the blockchain landscape. Originally built as a PoW-based, low-complexity blockchain, QI has evolved. Our platform, known for launching decentralized applications and enterprise blockchain deployments, now enters a new era with PoS. This evolution signifies our dedication to creating a more sustainable, efficient, and inclusive blockchain ecosystem, maintaining our position at the forefront of global finance technology.

The new QI Blockchain retains its compatibility with the EVM environment, allowing developers familiar with Solidity to easily transition and build on our platform. Our commitment to scalability and security is further strengthened by our shift to PoS, making us a robust layer-1 platform.This transition emphasizes our focus on finance, with native support for the creation and trading of digital smart assets, now governed by a more energy-efficient and scalable consensus mechanism.

As we navigate this significant transition, we are excited to unveil the new features and opportunities this change brings. Our community's support and participation have been vital in this journey, and we continue to work towards a blockchain platform that not only meets the demands of today but is also well-equipped for the challenges and innovations of the future.

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