Run a QIE Blockchain full node

This section provides documents on how to build and maintain a QIE blockchain full node and then validate the QIE network using a QIE node.

The quickest way to learn about QIE is to run a node and interact with the network. In this tutorial, we will:

  • Install and run an QIE node

  • Connect to QIE


Computer Hardware and OS

Nodes can operate on common hardware because QIE is such a lightweight protocol. Keep in mind that hardware requirements may alter as network demand grows.

  • CPU: Equivalent of 6 AWS vCPU

  • RAM: 8 GiB

  • Storage: 250 GB

  • OS: Ubuntu 18.04/20.04


To run successfully, QIE needs to accept connections from the Internet on the network port 5656 for mainnet. You must decide the networking environment your node will operate in before you start the installation.

Running on a Cloud Provider

Your node will have a static IP if it is operating on a cloud provider's computer instance. Find out what that static IP is, or if you haven't already, configure it.

Running on a Home Connection

You have a dynamic IP, which means that it will change from time to time if you are running a node on a computer connected to a residential internet connection. In order to access the computer, the node is installed on from the Internet, you must configure inbound port forwarding of port 5656.

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