Migration Process

We recently achieved a significant milestone in the evolution of blockchain technology with the successful migration to Qie Blockchain V2. This transition marked our shift from the Proof of Work (PoW)

Snapshot and Data Transfer

The migration process began at block number 3529960, where we took a comprehensive snapshot of all data on Qie Blockchain V1, encompassing user holdings, smart contracts, and other relevant data. The migration, which lasted between 1 to 2 days, involved the meticulous transfer of this data to the new PoS-based blockchain.

During the migration, we requested our users to refrain from initiating any deposits or withdrawals. This precaution was necessary to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the data transfer. We also emphasized that transactions conducted on Qie Blockchain V1 after the capture block would not be reflected on the V2 chain.In our commitment to transparency, we provided a list of holders taken from the snapshot. This allowed all users to validate their holdings and ensured the accuracy of the migration process.

For users utilizing MetaMask or similar wallets, the transition to the new chain required an update to the wallet's RPC settings and a change in the Chain ID to align with the QIE network. This adjustment enabled access to funds on the new chain, which were visible on the explorer running on Qie Blockchain V2.

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