QIE Blockchain CLI Parameters

This reference describes the syntax of the QIE Blockchain Command Line Interface (CLI) options.

Specifying options

  • Command line: Directly when running the QIE client.

General Options

  • Block Gas Target (--block-gas-target)

    • Syntax: --block-gas-target=<STRING>

    • Sets the target block gas limit. Defaults to the parent block's value if omitted.

  • Block Time (--block-time)

    • Syntax: --block-time=<INTEGER>sec

    • Sets the minimum block time in seconds. Must be at least 1s. Default is 2 seconds.

  • Chain (--chain)

    • Syntax: --chain=<STRING>

    • Specifies the genesis file for starting the chain. Default is ./genesis.json.

  • Config File (--config)

    • Syntax: --config=<STRING>

    • Path to the CLI configuration file. Supports JSON and HCL formats.

  • Data Directory (--data-dir)

    • Syntax: --data-dir=<STRING>

    • Directory for storing QI client data.

  • GRPC Address (--grpc-address)

    • Syntax: --grpc-address=<STRING>

    • GRPC interface address. Default is

  • JSON RPC Interface (--jsonrpc)

    • Syntax: --jsonrpc=<STRING>

    • JSON-RPC interface address. Default is

  • Libp2p (--libp2p)

    • Syntax: --libp2p=<STRING>

    • Address and port for the libp2p service. Default is

  • Log Level (--log-level)

    • Syntax: --log-level=<STRING>

    • Console output log level. Default is INFO.

  • Log to File (--log-to)

    • Syntax: --log-to=<STRING>

    • Specifies a file location to write all logs instead of the console.

Networking and Peering Options

  • Max Inbound Peers (--max-inbound-peers)

    • Syntax: --max-inbound-peers=<INTEGER>

    • Maximum number of inbound peers. Default is 32.

  • Max Outbound Peers (--max-outbound-peers)

    • Syntax: --max-outbound-peers=<INTEGER>

    • Maximum number of outbound peers. Default is 8.

  • Max Peers (--max-peers)

    • Syntax: --max-peers=<INTEGER>

    • Maximum number of peers allowed. Default is 40.

Miscellaneous Options

  • No Discover (--no-discover)

    • Disables peer discovery.

  • Prometheus (--prometheus)

    • Syntax: --prometheus=<STRING>

    • Address and port for Prometheus instrumentation service. If only a port is defined (:port), it binds to

  • Relayer (--relayer)

    • Starts the state sync relayer service (PolyBFT only).

  • Restore (--restore)

    • Syntax: --restore=<STRING>

    • Path to archive blockchain data for initialization.

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